Pretendemos ser reconhecidos, nacional e internacionalmente como uma empresa de referência no setor da água em Portugal, pela qualidade do serviço prestado, inovação, competência, eficiência, sustentabilidade e criação de valor.

VIRA  (TURN)- A Beer Produced with Recycled Water

In Portugal we have high quality drinking water. It does not seem necessary, or even rational, to wash streets with very high quality water for human consumption, as well as to water gardens, wash cars, buses or trains. Different needs require different qualities of water, ensuring safety for each use.

Water is a scarce resource and must be used rationally. So that we never lack, as unfortunately there are so many close cases, we must use it responsibly, water, like everything else, does not have a single quality, it can have several for various uses.

The reuse of water has been a constant factor in the world since its existence. Today it is crucial to face climate change and its associated extreme factors – prolonged drought and floods. Water Factories allow TURNING the page of the future in the water sector, recycling and producing water+ with the appropriate quality for each purpose, such as agricultural irrigation and aquifer recharge.

It was with these ideals in mind that Águas do Tejo Atlântico, together with “Moinhos Água e Ambiente” (responsible for the complementary treatment of water+) and “Cerlinx” (the artisanal producer of Lince beer), produced a beer with recycled water, brewed with recycled water. from water+, which underwent complementary treatment, through ozonation and reverse osmosis. 100% safe.

A beer that will TURN our habits and customs.